Wk 5: August 18, 2010

Have plans, live in a different country or can’t stay awake long enough to participate in #dsma? Have no fear, you can still participate and this is how:

Below are the questions up for discussion, post your response w/ your name (Twitter account) and I’ll tweet a few responses on Twitter during #dsma chat on Wednesday’s at 9pm EST; I didn’t want to leave anyone out, every voice counts!

Topic (s): Endocrinologist and CDE’s (Certified Diabetes Educator)

Q1. What are the 3 qualities do you look for in a Endo/CDE/PCP?

Q2. Have you ever had to fire your Endo/CDE/PCP? If so, why?

Q3. How much time do you spend w/ your diabetes care team? Do you think it’s enough?

Q3.5 Do you take a list of questions to ask your endo/pcp/cde? if, so what type of questions do you ask?

Q4.5. Insulin Dependents, Are you reluctant to make insulin changes per CDE suggestion?

Click here for the full transcript of the live chat.

Be Blessed



One response to “Wk 5: August 18, 2010

  1. Thanks for the opportunity of joining the #dsma party… even tho everyone’s gone home now 🙂

    Q1. Someone who listens. Someone who treats me as a partner in my own care. Someone who is completely up to date with latest research/diabetes care strategies
    Q4. Nope, not really. Mostly I just wing it! I do discuss what’s worked and what hasn’t and what I might try next at my annual review though.
    Q4.5. No. Always open to suggestions. Similarly my team are receptive to my own ideas on insulin changes.

    Mike @everydayupsdwns T1 for 20 odd years, blogging at http://www.everydayupsanddowns.co.uk

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