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Week 7: September 1, 2010

Tonight’s topic’s and questions:

Topic 1: Driving and Diabetes

Q1. Do you test before you drive?

Part 2 of Q1: How would you feel if testing before you drive became a law?

Topic 2: Alcohol and diabetes

Q2: If you drink and are of legal age, What affects does alcohol have on your bgs?

Disclaimer: We are Patients not Doctors. Please consult with your Physician before you consume alcohol.

Topic 3: College/leaving home and Diabetes

Q3. How do you/did you manage your diabetes and leaving home for the first time?

Q3.5. Any words of wisdom or insight for a PWD leaving home for the first time?

Q4. Diabetes Art Day.  What did you learn for #DArtDay?

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Be Blessed